Level Crossings

The Mid-Norfolk Railway has a large number of level crossings along the line. They are there to protect road and pedestrian users from oncoming trains. There are different types of crossings on our railway, please familiarise yourself with them.

SAM_2552Gated Level Crossings
We have a number of Gated level crossings along the railway line. These are operated by a member of volunteer staff when a train approaches. Please drive carefully as you approach these crossings, being prepared to stop. We will re open the crossing gates once the train has passed.

Pedestrians should wait in a safe place if the gates are closed to road traffic.

Open Crossing with warning lightsxing
We have two open level crossings in Dereham on Yaxham Road, and Greens Road, which are automatically activated by the trains. When driving to these crossings, Drive carefully up to the crossing and be ready to stop behind the white line, before entering the crossing ensure your exit is clear, If the amber light is on or the red lights are flashing you must stop behind the white line, If you have already crossed the white line when the amber light comes on, keep going and finally only cross when the lights go off. Remember – DO NOT STOP ON THE CROSSING.

Pedestrians should stop if you hear the alarm go off, if you are already on the crossing, keep going. Stay in a safe place until the alarm has gone off and the train has passed.

imageFootpath Crossings
We have a number of footpath crossings along our line. When you approach these crossings, STOP. Look both ways and Listen for approaching trains. If you see or hear a train, do not cross.
If no train is coming, cross quickly, but remain alert. Look both ways and listen for approaching trains and do not stop on the crossing.


imageUser Worked Crossings
We have a small number of user worked crossings on our line. These crossings should only be used by those authorised to do so. When approaching the crossing, STOP.
Open the gates at both sides of the crossing. Look and Listen for approaching trains, only cross if you are sure it is safe to do so.
When crossing, remain alert and cross quickly. DO NOT STOP ON THE CROSSING
Once crossed, close both gates. Pedestrians should Stop, look and listen both ways before crossing.


Horse riders should take extra care around Level Crossings. We recommend that you dismount to cross the line, and be aware of how your horse may react to an approaching train.

If you need to report an emergency at any of our Level Crossings on the Mid-Norfolk Railway, Please contact the Duty Responsible Officer who can arrange to Stop trains if necessary. Telephone: 01603 952441 or 07503 293910.

This information is provided to help you use the level crossings on the Mid-Norfolk Railway safely.