Mark 1 Coach Appeal

Mark 1 Coach Appeal

The MNR is rapidly growing and recently we’ve held some of the biggest events in preservation. 2014 has seen us run two major steam galas but we don’t have enough vacuum braked carriages for steam.

Mk1 coaches are getting hard to get hold of and we have been offered the opportunity to obtain some spare charter train vehicles. These don’t come cheap but we aren’t really going to get another chance to obtain vehicles of this standard which won’t need several year’s work on each.

Vehicles available to us:
• Mk1 RMB miniature buffet
• Mk1 TSO standard open
• Mk1 FO first open diner

Additional Mk1 vehicles are vital to the future of the railway and enhanced events. All of these vehicles are in a good condition requiring little work before they can enter service. The availability of Mk1 coaches as now getting limited so this is a one off opportunity which we cannot afford to miss

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