History is made at the Multiple Matters Weekend

History made at the Multiple Matters Weekend with the first through train services from Norwich Thorpe to Dereham since the line closed to passengers in 1969.

We are extremely grateful to East Midlands Trains, and the Volunteer Traincrew who made this possible. On the Sunday, we carried over 100 passenger to Norwich!

The weekend also saw the return to service of 55009, a Class 122 bubble car which has been a long-term resident at the MNR and subject to a recently accelerated restoration program

Often the unsung heroes of the rail network, the humble DMU is as important to branch lines todays as they were in the contraction of the network back in the 1960s. The MNR  is home to a number of DMU vehicles, many of which are class 101 Metro-Cammell built cars which served lines out of Norwich for many years.